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33 Minutes. You will never look at the world the same.

This Video Will Completely Change The Way You Live Your Life in 8 Minutes | Spirit Science

Project Heart Changer - "180" Movie - Awesome! About Faith, love, Hitler, Jesus, Jews, pro-life, pro-choice... Short movie that may change your life...

God's Not Dead... "Sometimes the Devil allows people to live a life free of trouble, cause he doesn't want them turning to God."

5 Documentaries that Will Inspire Minimalism

Ready to take the plunge into minimalism? These documentaries are great inspiration for helping you get there!

▶ Paul Harvey's 1965 Radio Warning to America - "If I were the Devil.." - YouTube

The Ultimate Cultural Sin - Intolerance

The Ultimate Cultural Sin -- Intolerance - Women Living Well

And I will keep speaking the truth and doing what I have to. If you don't like it tough. I always speak the truth sometimes people just don't like to hear it and they turn on you like if you are doing wrong by stating how it really is.

11 Consciousness Raising Documentaries

11 Consciousness Raising Documentaries. Time to Netflix and chill!

Yes- please always be your own person!!! Be a voice not an echo :D