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Heidi Pocketbook Doll doll 1964 Manufacturer Remco Industries Inc.

Vintage 1960's photo.Little girl with toy doll i

Heidi doll.....I loved this little doll. Her hand raised up to wave 'hello' when you pushed the button on her belly.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I learned my unnaturally/ unhealthy drive for competitive board game domination from this wicked thing...I WIN!

Hi Heidi from the 1960s. * my Aunt Stella bought me this, and my sister the one in a pink case~ so exciting!*

I thought it was so great that she waved :) Still have my Hi, Heidi doll.

Heidi. Push a button on her stomach and her arm raised like she was waving. She had an Asian friend named Jan. I might still have both somewhere.

You could pull her hair out of the top of her head to make it long, or twist the knob on her back to make it go back in.

Vintage 1960s Ideal Goody Two Shoes Baby Sleepy by Shabbysweets, $85.00

Honeysuckle Little Kiddles Kologne Doll I remember these! The first thing I started collecting when I was a kid!