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    ok seriously should have already thought of this!!! Use empty Lysol wipes containers to keep plastic grocery bags! Keep in your car for wet swimsuits, dirty diapers, trash, etc. Totally portable, and she even shows you how to put the bags in so they pop out one after another!

    Don't get rid of your containers!! There are SO many ways to reuse diaper wipe containers!! Click on over for a list of over 20 ways to reuse them! Some are obvious organizational solutions, but some are also very creative!

    Hydrogen Peroxide is like Magic! seriously you must check this out!~

    Grocery Bag Storage | 50 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life

    You will be Amazed at this list! 45 Great Ways to Reuse Prescription Bottles ~~ I always feel guilty throwing them away, so I'm glad to know there's something useful that I can do with them.

    My Top Ten Repurposed Containers + win a 100-hundred dollar gift card to! ***also includes info on getting labels and printing off of the containers!

    Mind bomb! Fold grocery bags into these neat little triangles and keep them in your car, purse, etc . So fun you could give out to one of your kids as a "chore" while you put groceries away.

    17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier. seriously, read these...especially number 17 about the dryer...crazy!!

    How to Detail Your Car

    This is seriously so smart (especially for college students like me!) You put in your grocery list and it gives you coupons!

    DIY Disinfecting Wipes

    plastic bag storage - didn't pin this the first time I saw it and had to search for it when I got frustrated at the overflow in my closet....

    recipes for cleaning/disinfecting wipes

    plastic cups under filler - you'll use much less and save $!

    Good storage idea in car for reusable bags

    Sell By Date: when do things really expire. A complete list of all kinds of food. This is pretty interesting.

    Grocery bag holder using empty Clorox Wipe dispensers & how to roll bags.

    How to clean your candle jars of wax once the candle is done. Great to reuse in the bathroom for cotton balls or Q-tips

    Plastic hangers make great storage for cords. | Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

    Homemade Icepacks...seriously?

    re-purposing baby wipe containers. I need to save these and ask for them too.