• phiamiapia

    Or those plastic bread tabs can be of use again. | 21 Emergency Makeshift Beauty And Wardrobe Hacks

  • Heather Bro

    My make-shift bread bag hair tie while making sandwiches for my boys this a.m. LOL

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I seriously died laughing when I watched this one - Ellen is so funny on her own but the two of them together were hysterical!!!!

lol I do this while screaming NOOOOO sad puppy commercial!!!!

@cocoaloka @brittbabe23 @tiffanydawn68 @yoyo932 @nanam606 @dsolayab SUMMERTIME + our hair = THIS! bwhahaha

We all have those days. today is one of those days

Grammar Rules: Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Stone this made me laugh too hard! You should post this in your classroom.

I'm Getting Way too Old to keep Rescuing You

Shaved Alpaca - it gets funnier the longer you look at it.

photo frame. Want to make it!

dollar store waste basket + drawer pull + home made cake stand