New York Times Headlines (1973 Oil Embargo), 2010 Watercolor on paper, L.44” x W.71”

New York Times Book Review | Annie Yi-Chieh Jen | Graphis

marc nagtzaam

good things to be found in the Eye archives on flickr. Jacqueline Casey poster for MIT | life long pursuit - poster | Life Long Pursuit. Feng zi watercolor exhibition --

Kokoro Moi

"62 Sonnets+36" / Shuntaro Tanikawa   「62のソネット+36」・谷川俊太郎

A man in a room spray-painting a fly... (or at least trying to...) | Book Works

Karel Martens: Selected Letterpress Works

TU Nantes 2009-2010, by Akatre

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Karel Martens/letterpress

The French dramatist Henry Becque is most well known for his 1885 work La Parisienne, a three-act comedy that tells the story of a French woman, her husband, an

Architectural Conference

WORKS | STUDIO WONDER - created via

Little Spines by Vibeke Illevold


Split Seconds By Paul Butt. Over in Less than a Second – Signal | Noise

Karel Martens Untitled, 1958 letterpress monoprint on paper 9 × 11 ⁵⁄₈ in. (229 × 296 mm)