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Made a prosthetic hand for your cosplay costume out of InstaMorph. i don't know where i'd use it, but thi is cool

potentially an easy lightweight way to make aradia horns or eridan horns--could also work well for morrigan's head wings!

How to make horns from cardboard and hot glue.... this would have been great for big sis lil sis....

Adriana's feather wig side by dollutional, via Flickr. It is from Immortal Classique.

This is a tutorial that I made, showing the world how to bring a dead wig back from the dead. I hope it is helpful! [[MORE]]

Feather Wig Ebony Iridescent Raven Black Chic Posh Fashion. $38.00, via Etsy.

Tutorial for making large lightweight horns and mounting them to a wig.

Tutorial for Horns by ~DevilKaito on deviantART

Sharpie Wig Dyeing Tutorial by FireLilyCosplay.d... I've enver done any costume with a wig mainly because I can never find the right color.

Man! If I had the time and money I would so do this...maybe I still will...Halloween is about 2 months away...Maybe if I find my Eugene.