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Contest: Striped Pencil Skirt

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"Contest: Striped Pencil Skirt" by exxpress on Polyvore

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Fuchsia Pink 3/4 Pant, White Rose Embossed Blouse, Mint Green & Gold Bow Belt, Mint Green 6" Shoes, White & Silver Sundial Necklace, Old Navy Tan Blazer, Fuchsia & Silver Bling Ring, Silver Bling Bangle & Watch, Cubic Earrings, Mint Green Bag.

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Love this outfit.

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Tan and Navy

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summer...I might do this with a cute white skirt

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"Yumi Skirt" by arjanadesign on Polyvore

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

Love these colors!

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Plum & grey work outfit! This is really pretty though I'd need a pleated skirt cause I don't think I could rock a pencil (I think it's called pencil) skirt

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Business attire..

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Untitled #132

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"Untitled #132" by cw21013 on Polyvore

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