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~ Painted Glass Ball w/ Gems ~ Now to drill the hole & not shatter the glass....

If the color pink is already a favorite at your house, it's easy to add holiday touches to match. The pink painted trim on this front porch makes the perfect backdrop for pink packages, a pink door wreath, and pink glass jar luminaries. Additions of white paper snowflakes and garland keep the frilly color scheme from going overboard.

Never saw one decorated like this!!! this is not one of my favorites, but I got BANNED from the Christmas Tree group I was in so this is my board............ -Large Vintage White Christmas Tree Pink Roses Shabby Chic ...

Love this idea...and I see old tarnished silver stuff all the time at the thrift shops, Good Will, etc. Same with cloches. This would be real simple to put together.

Pride and Prejudice Ornament A clear glass ornament ball is tediously filled with strips of almost two pages of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Many of the strips are arranged in such a way that you can read some sentences, which is delightful indeed! (<--Original pin but I would use Christmas story strips from the Bible)

Do you realize the possibilities this one little photo opens up? Holy guacamole! I am TOTALLY buying every pink ball ornament in Wal-Mart this year!!! Along with a zillion craft paints.....

Pink Roses Christmas Faux Cookie Ornaments , etc. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Much much better way for me to do the bow and hanger ....the pattern is very soft very much like my flower rose pattern

love the colors of this initial ornament

grandparent ornament. hopefully I can fit 8 on there for my parents lol