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  • Hannah Morgan

    Depiction of Arches and Portals !! - Part 2. -The African Colosseum in El Djem, Tunisia.

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    The Roman Colosseum in El Djem, Tunisia, Africa. The monument of El Jem is one of the most accomplished examples of Roman architecture of an amphitheater, almost equal to that of the Coliseum of Rome. It is built on on flat ground and supported by a complex system of arches. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

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El Djem, #Tunisia-Really cool Roman Colosseum in Tunisia...very well preserved.

El Djem (lat: Thysdrus) Tunisia, Africa. Most impressive Roman ruins of a once prosperous city.

Tunisia- Sbeïtla - was once a flourishing ancient city, the spectacular remains of which are among the best Roman ruins in the world.

In true Roman fashion, this image is broken in two. (to re-pin them together, pin this image last).

Roman Mosaic. Coliseum. El Djem, Tunisia. Condemned criminal being devoured by wild beast.

I chose this photo because I am Italian. Italy is shaped like a boot. It is part of the European Union. It became a unified country in 1861.

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Colosseum, Rome. It looks fabulous lit up at night doesn't it? Wonderful ancient Roman monument; incredible city.

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