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Toddler Travel Tips

It is so helpful to share toddler travel tips. We at Mrs. Judd's Games make iPad games with travel in mind. Try CHALK WALK for a fanciful journey that also benefits the pincer-grip of young children.

Must-Have Books for Creating a Family Travel Plan

{3 Must-Have Books for Creating a Family Travel Plan} Do you ever pull education and travel together? I'd love to do a vacation based on a book with my girls.

20 kid friendly tips for long flights

Simple Toddler Meals: Part 2

18 Simple & Easy Toddler Meal Ideas - a bit too heavy on cheese (constipates kids!) so substitute as needed to make sure more fruits/veggies

Best post I've seen about helping babies, toddlers, and kids adjust to time change and jet lag! (Which, btw, happens to be my biggest fear about taking our little one on a BIG trip!) Read the comments, too, for more age-specific advice!