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    Life Hacks ~ How to store wrapping paper #lifehacks #stoplitter

  • Denise Scholle

    life hacks how to make your life easier (28) Toilet Paper rolls cut and wrapped around wrapping paper.

  • Peter May

    OK, sometimes household tips are as crazy as an American Cheese Slice Rolodex but here are some pretty good ideas! These are split toilet paper tubes keeping wrapping paper from unrolling!

  • Gaby Ide

    I could have used this idea a looong time ago! Cut a slit into a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) to make a wrapping paper cuff! (keeps the paper from unrolling everywhere)

  • Emily Hargett

    Another great idea for saving toilet paper tubes - lol! Cut a slit into a toilet paper roll to make a wrapping paper cuff!

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Ok, so these are on sale on Etsy for anywhere from $15-$45. Ridiculous! But super duper easy to make. I made my own from scrap fabric costing me ... $0!!!!! It is great to have and I love it (so a 5 for that) but it also got a 5 because of the price!

Wrapping paper storage....SO need a tall container like this, 'cuz I buy wrapping paper AFTER Christmas for the next year.

I am thinking right now how to make it. And I finally did 2/23/13. I used a baby blue fabric with a white thread zig-zag down the middle, it's feminine and pretty.

This is freaking BRILLIANT. I will be going out tomorrow to get an inexpensive garment bag for my wrapping paper in the laundry room closet:)

Wad up your old dryer lint and stick it inside a toilet paper tube. Simple fire starter!

DIY: Cup hooks and dowels holding wrapping paper... easy! This would be a great way to store foil, saran wrap, etc. in the kitchen.

Put up a wire shelf in the dead space of a closet to corral wrapping paper. | 52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You

Gift Wrap Organisation on the back of a door. - i so need to do this...

This is genius! I already put holiday cards and napkins, etc. Into a gift bag associated with the past events celebration, but the bags, until now, have been set upright on top shelves of closets. THIS idea would also allow quick access to holiday supplies for gift giving, not just hold memories. Plus, it would put items within reach!