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Bible-based approach for discussing sex, drugs, dating, drinking, and gossiping with tweens (ages 9-12). Pinning to read later.

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Prayer is the only possibility with real possibility. And that brings me to the place where I can finally say… “Hello, my name is Mom. Not God.” - 10 Prayers For Your Daughter

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"Raising Kind Daughters" We hear so much about mean girls these days it overshadows the KINDNESS that occurs in many young friendships. This article shares what I've seen as the mom of four daughters, and what the kind-hearted girls I know all have in common.

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10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child. This is a GREAT, realistic list :)

book for any mother who has a daughter!

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How do we build our child's self-esteem? The key to building your child's self-esteem boils down to these two important ingredients.