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25 great apps for iPad  http://trevorcairney.blogspot.com/2011/12/25-great-childrens-apps-to-stimulate.html

Dr Seuss Game turns iPhone and iPad into fun musical horn. Play songs and musical games with the Dr Seuss Band app!

Seuss fonts 01 Doctor Soos Bold txt

Seuss Fonts (links) « Coolest Family on the Block- links to font converting sites

Free!!! Seusstabular! Fun printables for reading!

Today we wore funny socks to celebrate Fox in Socks and the Foot Book for Seuss week. I searched online for a video of The Foot Book and f.

Dr. Seuss' Math Sort (Addition to 10) (FREE!)

Seuss Math Sort Freebie - sort the equations onto the three mats - Greater Than Ten, Less Than Ten, and Equal to Ten

Version 1: Marshmallows + Red fruit roll-ups  Version 2: Bananas and strawberries  You'll find both @ Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Dr. Seuss Pops and Fruit Snacks

Seuss Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Pops. They used a s'more (big flat square) marshmallow on the bottom, trimmed to a circle and rolled in white sugar. Then marshmallows and fruit roll ups for the rest of the hat.