yeah..... except I'm on Pinterest more than tumblr

The Hunger Games fans. What my friends think I do. What my parents think I do. What society thinks I do. What other fantoms think I do. What I think I do. What I really do.


They'd probably be like Cinna you are a solid designer but it's always fire with you . and give the grand prize to somebody who learned to sew yesterday. No, cinna would win.

Actually, she does. It's when she and Peeta are out, he's picking berries and she's hunting. Then the cannon goes off, and she freaks out. When she finds him, she says "D**n you Peeta!" So yeah this one isn't true.

Classy Lady

Funny pictures about Classy Lady. Oh, and cool pics about Classy Lady. Also, Classy Lady photos.

Ellen: It is the hunger games!

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I don't know why this is so funny, but it is :) Maybe it's the merging of the two worlds...

hahaha harry potter and the hunger games, i wasnt sure which board to pin it in! harry potter or hunger games hahahahaa

Hunger Games memes ❤ liked on Polyvore

Okay someone's got to smack some sense into Harry potter! (And he's called the great one.

I'm a Harry Potter fan first and foremost and yes, I want to go to Hogwarts more than anything. I'm also a Hunger Games fan though, and I'm. I'm DEFINITELY fine!

You mean there's an entire land full of men as perfect as Ed Sheeran?! When does the first plane leave??

I love Justin but I would not move there because I'm not crazy about him. I would love to meet him. Yes I would cry because I'm a believer. One I will meet Justin and never forget that day! Love u Justin.

Jen's first role was as a prostitute in a church play at age 9...or so she believes.

Jen's first role was as a prostitute in a church play at age or so she believes.