Help students blend letter sounds to make CVC nonsense words using this simple activity (free!!)

Free - a cut and paste activity requiring students to make inferences!

18 FREE word family sliders. Students love the colorful pictures!

Free Classroom Printables

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Classroom rewards

FREE ... With this FREE, FUN ELA Center Activity, students match orange frosted cupcakes with white frosted cupcakes to create 12 compound words.This pdf ...

Kindergarten - First Grade CVC Word Work Practice Sheet $FREE$

Blog post on letter reversals and free b/d cue cards for student desks

Silent E worksheets...change to beginning letter sound?

Nonsense Word Practice Sheets for Each Month- I do not believe in teaching- however, these would be a good progress monitoring tool each week to see if they are understanding CVC words. |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

Free Poster: The Parts of a Listener

Free Sight Word Practice Pages for kindergarten - first grade!

Learn letters and their corresponding sounds through a fun, active, jumping game! Try with math too. Put numbers in a line and have kiddo add and subtract by jumping forward or backwards.

Beginning Sound Scoops! Color, cut and paste the correct ice-cream scoops onto their correct letter sound!


This is a great video that demonstrates how to get kids blending CVC and nonsense words!

Free! First Sound Fluency....quick and easy game for first sound fluency. A student rolls a dice and reads the beginning sound of the pictures in the row

Nonsense Words

{FREEBIE} This engaging activity is perfect for small groups or your literacy centers. Students will read CVC words and then cover the picture that matches the word they read on their mat.

FREE Friendship Cards: 24 social skills prompts to help your students make and keep friends.