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_04 THE MEDICI: Makers of Modern Art [Sandro Botticelli, Primavera, 1482, Florence, Ufizzi Gallery]

Sandro Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus", 1486, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Most paintings of women during the middle Ages symbolize the Virgin Mary, showing her in a demure appearance with an angelic smile and covered head. So Botticelli's depiction of a beautiful goddess, not only an obvious symbol of pagan mythology but also painted as a nude was groundbreaking.

The Three Graces Antonio Canova, 1799

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Modrest Woman & Violin Oil Painting VGSHD-ADD0433

Modrest Woman & Violin Oil Painting VGSHD-ADD0433 Product : 71860 Features…

The Three Graces - Raphael, 1504-1505 (Musée Condé, Chantilly, France)

"Lady Flora, Goddess of Blossoms and Flowers", 1880, by Evelyn de Morgan (English, 1855-1919). This work derives from de Morgan's studies of Botticelli, particularly "Primavera" and "The Birth of Venus", at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. In Roman mythology, the nymph Chloris is transformed into the goddess Flora, the Mother of Flowers.

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How to Create an Abstract Painting

Kinda looks like modern, pop art. I think this could be a fun and easy project with the girls. Exaggerate something big and simple in their drawing to make colorful! :) More