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    Gossip is Like Glitter - you can never truly clean it up! Lesson idea for teaching kids about the harm gossiping can do

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    The Momentum Optimization Project. Minimizing screentime

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    Music Wall

    Exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar-science lesson. They take off like rockets!--kids would love this...um, I would love this

    Create a photo book of famous structures from around the world to use in your block center. Great for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschool classrooms! Includes a link for a free 30-page structure book!

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    healthy eating habits for children wordsnneedles

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    stay at home mom resume

    Playdough filled balloon. And lots of other activities to keep kids busy on road trips

    75 screen-free activities for families: letslassothemoon....

    Kids shopping book. Make a "shopping list" for your child by filling up the right side with pictures of the items that you need to buy. Once that item has been found and loaded into your cart, have your child take off the card and put it into their bag (the left side of the craft)! It becomes a teaching/babysitting tool all-in-one!