Use the tourist map from the place and then put the most memorable pic from the trip...such a cute idea

Places We've Been Together

using a map of the place you visited as the mat for the picture from your trip

Vacation Memory Photo Map ........... ============BEST DIY SITE EVER!

Shadow box for keepsakes

Such a cute idea!!

DIY artwork states cutout from maps and framed, for places you love, have visited our lived

photo ladder

Lamp makeover (map shade)

I absolutely love this. There's no need to commit to vinyl stickers on the wall if you simply place the decals on the glass of a picture frame and then hang the frame! Brilliant.

Instagram Project: How To Display Your Instagram Pictures » Little Inspiration

Scrapbook stickers in black frame

What a great idea!!!

i actually wanna try this

Cute grandparent gift

30 Creative Diy Maps Decorations, thinking about a present for my future twin! a heart with my hometown, a heart with hers, and a heart with Norfolk that brought us together!

Easy DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids - Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cone - Click pic for 45 Budget Friendly Holiday Decor Ideas

DIY jewelry frame.

Add a picture frame to ANYTHING and I LOVE it!