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16 Moments In Life Everyone Can Relate To

Hahahahaha..YUP! Happened to me on the highway yesterday. I was driving 65 and they had to be doing 80. caught up to them everytime at the road construction!

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9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

"Married Someecards: 9 Awkward Someecards For Spouse To Spouse" **Have to admit, some of these made me chuckle a bit too loudly at work...**

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I'm Not Sure How Many Problems I Have

i'm not sure how many problems i have cuz i know math is one of them.

Thanks for going out of your way to unfriend me on Facebook, your passive-agressive way of ending of our friendship really took some balls.

Funny Ecard! My husband is always attractive, but he is smoking hot in those rare moments when I see him doing dishes or folding laundry. :) especially when he cooks :)