Eye Makeup Technique

Here is chart describing different eye shapes. Figure out your own eye shape to help find make up tips that flatter your eyes the best

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Want to make your eyes look larger with makeup? Here are 15 tips and tricks on how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter quickly.

How to choose the best shadows to bring out your natural eye color!! don't just look at the graphic. read the article!

Once and for all…the best colors for your eye color!

Excellent chart for best eyeshadows for blue, green, brown & hazel eyes. I will say though, that sometimes picking a shadow the same color as your eye creates a dull kind of plain look. Its not as attractive as using a complimentary color for your eyes.

Cheat Sheet: Make Up Expiration Guide #tips #tricks #products

Save or Toss: Makeup Expiration Dates Defined & Explained {so useful} Get products for free with me by hosting a Mary Kay party. Go to my web-site MK PARTIES As a Mary Kay beauty consultant I can help you, please let me know what you would like.

Simple tips that make a huge difference! Para esos días en que sí me miro al espejo...

Common Beauty Blunders: Simple tips that make a huge difference > Whoa! Common Beauty Blunders: Simple tips that make a huge difference > Whoa!

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Love this trick! Draw lines in a checkerboard pattern and blend with your finger for a fail-proof smokey eye. Just add mascara and you're good to go.

El vello indeseado puede transformarse en una gran molestia. Día a día mujeres y hombres en todo el mundo utilizan diferentes métodos de depilación. Por lo general se emplean ceras, cremas o pinzas y,

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Don't Let Your Brows Age You! 4 bad eyebrow mistakes and how to shape yours perfectly!I love anything about eyebrow tutorials.

What a pain, you mean to say you don't just put it on?

15 Red Lipstick Hacks, Tips and Tricks For The Perfect Pout

Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial - 3 different styles! This glitter lips makeup tutorial guides you through 3 different styles and pros and cons for each. Glitter your eyebrows. How To: Make Your Lips Look Fuller - Makeup Geek.

How to create a smoky look makeup, an intense look makeup, a classic makeup and a natural look makeup - FirmaBeauty.com

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Makeup Ideas & Inspiration The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application