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The striking display of blood-soaked people lying "dead" on trays outside a pig slaughterhouse was enough to stop traffic—literally.


Support these cruelty free products. No need to test on animals. Share this, save it and print it. Spread the word so people know how easy it is to go cruelty free.


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Pro vegan


Pigs Love A Good Scratch

I guess all animals love their tummy rubbed.



Hearts of gold…



And some people say animals don’t have feelings…

And some people say animals don’t have feelings…❤ Animals have a heart that beats, just as you and I.❤


They just need love

RESCUED and now loved...look at the difference.

Why are these people crying? They just learned the truth about factory farming in 60 seconds. See it here:

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19 Photos Of Esther, The Most Wonderful Pig You Need To Meet

Esther the Wonder Pig. Family adopts a mini pig as their pet and gets more than they bargained for (17 Photos) PS There is no such thing as a "mini pig" ;)!


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i wouldn't say i'm suspicious--i KNOW there's something very wrong with people who don't like dogs

I did NOT watch this video !!!! I am a vegan. I know what goes on every day. This is why I'm vegan. I did however read this ignorant humans writings. If they are under the impression that USDA organic, free range , grass fed etc. or it's ok because they eat turkey bacon instead of pork ( they should watch a video of what goes on on turkey factories) is the way to " deal" with the atrocities seen on this video , they couldn't be more incorrect. Talk about ignorance is bliss. DP

This is one of the most heartbreaking pictures I have seen about animal testing. The hand of an unknown monkey at a testing facility, grasping the side of the trash can after they discarded her for dead. All animals have the right to live out their full lives without being enslaved, encarcerated, exploited, and killed without regard for what is right or fair.


What can it mean for caring people to regularly reject compassionate choices that cost them next to nothing, and to instead embrace unnecessary violence that costs its victims literally everything?