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    Jensen Ackles

    [GIFSET] Sorry, Jensen! You really have no choice in the matter :)

    Jensen Ackles with a Canon :) Now, there's a real man ;) hehehe

    Dean Winchester

    Oh Dean

    When you really think about it, the only person who really knows what Dean went through in hell is Chuck. And if you argue that chuck is God, then ouch, because that’s Dod looking at Dean like that. He looks so guilty and haunted. He made one of his own creations be tortured, and made him torture too, and all because it was written, when it didn’t have to be

    Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki's Epic Bromance

    Finally got his Slinky!!! Jensen Ackles seems like one of the funniest people ever.

    Jensen (Dean Winchester on Supernatural) and his daughter! Look at her, smiling for the camera like a natural! Awwwwwwwwwwwwe! ADORABLE! Guys and kids cutest thing ever

    Jensen Ackles - Tumblr

    Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester ✪ #SPN

    Silly Sexy

    Jensen Ackles

    Oh Dean!


    Time for another round of #Bowleg Appreciation Pins. *giddy* #Supernatural #DeanWinchester #JensenAckles


    Sam, Dean, Castiel