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Hab u seed da Grumpy Cat Superhero 5-Inch Plush?

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AT-AT Doghouse

Rawr! Needs dis to wear to Jurassic World!

iffen only da lazer eyes could open da tuna tins

Predator in 3D MOL

Power Wheels Desert Drifters April Fools at ThinkGeek - Ha Ha! | ThinkGeek

Treat time.

Love dis Calvin n Hobbs Hoth attack tee. :)

1958 ... puppies in space!

Tiny Spock with his tiny Enterprise

LEGO California Style Rat Rod by Chris Melby (Photo: Courtesy of Chris Melby)

Melby's Fortress of Solitude (Photo: Courtesy of Chris Melby)

Most pawsum LEGO Enterprise I did ever seed! Melby's model of the U.S.S. Enterprise. (Photo: Courtesy of Chris Melby)

He's not the droid they're looking for.

#Cute pet #pet boy #pet girl|

Nyan Cat Lives!