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    OMC dat iz one full box of kittehs!

    • Doris Wachtler

      You bought from one of those off brand places, didn't you? How do we know, you didn't buy from Schrödingers? Because we only put the best in a box. Plus we make sure it fits also. Always buy from and authorized Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box dealer. "Level of Evil!!! and damage it may do when you opening the box is in no way affiliated with Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box delivery service"

    • Nikki Burton

      couldn't resist..awww soo many kitty kitties!!! Yes gonna be a crazy cat lady one day..too obsessed with cats!!! (:

    • Peter Spangler

      The caption reads,.. "How to catch cats,.." Step one: Find an empty box, and set outside Step two: Wait,.. You can see why this struck MY funny bone,..!!! I love animals,.. all kinds. They are like people, as predictably unpredictable. They have attitudes, and like people, you can't discuss their attitude with THEM. However,.. If they like you, they like you,.. if they don't, well, I never met an animal that would lie to my face. PRSJ22

    • Houston Foodlovers

      Order your Crazy Cat Lady Starter Set now, while supplies last! ~ Houston Foodlovers

    • Shellie Morrison

      Looks like they're trying to beat a record. 'How many cats can fit in one box?' :-)

    • Kathy Miley

      How man cats can fit in a box? Crazy cat lady organizing.

    • Jessica Balas

      Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 27 Pics

    • Suzie LeQuia

      Crazy Cat Lady Starter Set Kitties

    • Denta Med

      If we fit... funny cats

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    Oh, to be a cat...


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    stop making me laugh...i can't even stand up!!

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