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  • Raven Fawcett

    A love letter in a sentence: true poetry.

  • Jessi Scheftic

    "I'm curious, what is Beautiful Death's favorite for blood...or perhaps black for her vacant soul? Enlighten me, Freya." the Harbinger smiled as he said my name. "If you must know, black is my second favorite color." "Then what's your first?" " the blue the sky turns right before it rains." He paused in his movements, his eyes gazing at me with new light as if he had never seen anything so interesting before until now. {Jessi Scheftic}

  • Dan Burke

    love rain storms.....

  • Juliane Montoya

    I am writing you just to stay: I still remember they your favorite color is the blue the sky turns right before it rains

  • Karen Alfaro

    the color blue before it rains

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just like i always said, i love you to the moon and back, more then the stars in the sky and the fish in the sea. forever.

When you can hear a smile in someone's voice. Always has been my favorite sound. :)

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"The sky was dressed in black silk and silver stars. I'd never been graced with such beauty before." -r.j.l.

prayer for peace...i am not a Buddhist but this prayer is beautiful regardless

Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.

♥ Also the way to win an argument. it's easy to block out yelling, but you'll strain to hear each and every word when someone speaks softly.

There is always something positive, you just have to look

I wish never to forget the sound of your voice. No matter how much I will go through please never leave my head. The laugh that stopped my world at once. The most beautiful sound I have heard. Why did you go away? Why must I feel the pain. One day it will all be clear. but till that day... i will never forget your voice that night...