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  • Jennifer Mazur

    The video will (should) hurt your soul. Great letter Russell! I had no idea you were such a compassionate person. <3 Love ya! A Love Letter To Lady Gaga By Russell Simmons

  • Jennifer Perkins Propes

    Perfectly written: a letter to Lady Gaga from Russell Simmons.

  • Katie Garrett

    A Love Letter to Lady Gaga by Russell Simmons | Global Grind

  • Amanda Forker
    Amanda Forker • 2 years ago

    Wearing fur is deplorable. (so is wearing meat, btw, gaga, we just don't know why we should have to even address that). Thank you, Mr. Simmons, for eloquently addressing the importance of conscious decision making and leadership through action for artists.

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6 Olympic Athletes Already Winners in Animals' Eyes | CANDACE PARKERR plays some mean defense for the U.S. women's basketball team, but when she's not shooting hoops, she's defending animals used for fur. Candace and her dog Fendi teamed up with PETA for this PSA to fight the fur industry. We thank these athletes for their dedication to the happiness of animals everywhere.

Fur from China may once have belonged to a cat or a dog, only to be mislabeled and sold in the U.S. There are no penalties for abusing any type of animal—including cats and dogs—on Chinese fur farms. Because more than half the fur in the U.S. comes from China, the odds that the fur you're purchasing could be from a dog is far too high. Shop at one of the many 100% fur-free national clothing retailers,

Wearing Fur is Ugly and if you wear it, you support Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty ! Please don't support cruelty and abuse go Fur Free!

Fur Hags. 20 Celebrities Who Wear Fur (ignoring the agonising death of animals who are skinned alive to produce these "glamour" items !). Please consider using social media to tell these people and their sponsors that you will stop buying their music, labeled /sponsored products, movies etc. if morality does not work, perhaps economics will.

Kid Rock told the UK’s Daily Record about his thoughts on PETA, “To throw paint on someone is just wrong. [Animal rights activists] do it to little Hollywood actresses who can’t defend themselves. I’m willing the animal rights protesters to chuck red paint on me. My biggest extravagance is fur coats — I’ve got every kind of animal in my wardrobe.”

It's not just 'a little fur trim' .... Natalie Imbruglia supports the efforts of PETA.

Fur animals are usually anally or vaginally shocked, and skinned while still alive, then dumped in a pile to die a slow agonizing excruciating death!