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I'm not ready. Im ready for him, but im not ready for whats happening now. Im scared.

this is so me

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - this is so me

because every time someone does, i want to hit them.

THANK YOU, AGAIN! No idea who is creating these, but serious. People who do this tend to get dropped from my social networks pretty damn fast!

HAHAHA! this just makes me laugh! I am OCD and it is because I want to find things! HA

Organized People Rectangle Magnet

I have been telling people this for years! I am organized BECAUSE I am lazy.

Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid!

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid. -AG would LOVE this!

I'd make one of these for Stephen as well

sooner born sooner bred when I die I'll be a sooner dead! Sooner Transplant, when I die I'll be Sooner Dead!