Sneak in your child's bedroom during the night before their birthday and release balloons for them to wake up to! One day I WILL do this!

surprise...wake up to a room full of ballons on her birthday!!

DIY Co-sleeper made from a $69.99 IKEA crib! I actually really like this one and it would last a LOT longer than those teeny tiny ones they make for newborns. Plus it gives the child "their own bed" feel if you're having a rough night.

Teach your child how to tie shoes in 5 min....seriously cool way to tie shoes!!!

How to Raise Grateful Children

Balloon avalanche totally doing this for the kids

Put a marble inside a balloon and it floats upside down. Love!

A fairy tale fort - made from PVC.

Water balloon pinata, for those super hot days or a summer bday party.

Our primitive barnboard Santa boots are adorned with red Christmas homespun, red pip berries, and a rusty star. Perfect for any primitive Christmas decor.especially for you home decor

24 clever kid birthday party theme ideas... Olympic, pizza, pirate, art, camping just to name a few!

Oil Drip Pan from Walmart. As a giant magnet board ($12) Genius!

PVC playhouse, just add sheets! Another pinned said-My dad made this for my one year old daughter as a Christmas present, and it has been up in our living room ever since! I purchased some pink and white sheets at Walmart and strung some Christmas lights around the top! We have our snack in there everyday, and it's home to all her favorite stuffed animals. LOVE THIS!

Hot air balloon centerpiece tutorial

Doodle Cake. What a great idea! Use white fondant to cover your cake and use food markers to let your child decorate their cake. Imagine doing this every year and seeing (in pictures) how your child fun!

{Hosting an Indoor Camp-out with the Kids} Creative spin on traditional camping that kids will adore!

Insanely Genius Hacks That Every Parent Should Know Them

Can't wait to have tea parties themed like this with my little girl #Party Ideas|

I must have one for my 2nd child

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