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I grew up with two big brothers who would try to make it as clear as possible that I could not do what boys can. They played football growing up and I wanted to play with them, but I'm a few years younger and a lot smaller than they are. I had my mind made up that I would learn how to throw a football so they'd have to let me play. I learned to throw and I was good at it. All anyone needs is opportunity and determination.

What the fuck?! Jake Sweed, wherever you are, you're a fucking asshole and I hope you die alone.

The difference between nerds &geeks Geeks: May the force be with you Nerds: May the force be equal to mass times acceleration

"I don't have a problem with vegan diets. However, I have a problem when vegans try to force their diet on you and tell you that you're a monster if you don't stop eating meat. "

Remember though they can if they want to. Just don't force them. Chances are though no one wants to listen to people's bullshit.