brown paper bag floors [tutorial]

My paper bag floors - one year later

brown paper bag floor

Paper Bag Flooring

Make an ugly closet door look like a piece of furniture

copper coin floor yes please, this guy made a floor out of copper pennies flooring oh my god copper floor will be in my house - love the idea.

The best page for DIY brown paper bag flooring. She has used them in several rooms with several techniques and clarifies them here in detail.

Kitchen floor and that lame random checkerboard pattern. Pain your vinyl floors tutorial.

Wide Plank Farmhouse floor tutorial using PLYWOOD!

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garbage bag on a paper towel roll - seriously.... why didn't I know about this before?


Crown molding to hide your paper towel. Great Idea.

DIY cardboard headboard...finally a cheap and easier solution.

OH yes. Add that to the list... perfect. Eggs, toilet paper, nutmeg, and a copper sink. Thank you very much.

Jenna Sue how to build faux beams

Paper bag Flooring

The easiest way to tile....lots of great time saving tips!

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Get rid of that ugly, concrete wall