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Over-The-Top-FaB WHITE CABINET!!! and LoVe the Crude WIRE BASKETS as well...

I miss sending my little girls outside with their wire baskets to 'search for treasure'. Our hens took great pride in hiding their stash, and as soon as my daughters would find it, the hens would move on to a new hidden nest! It was always a challenge to find the eggs!

Replace broken hardware with rope or twine - genius. Add a couple of random numbers to a project to funk it up. Also genius.

wire basket - once a poor man's container - now cherished by people like me (still poor, but with good taste :-)

Easy idea for any room! Just get a wooden rod and add hooks, and place where you normally put your laundry basket. Then you can separate colors and peoples clothes if you share a room, plus its more manageable to carry.

As soon as I find a basket that I like that is similar to this one I'm using it for library books

An Angami handmade basket hanging upside down. These types of baskets are traditionally used by the Angami tribe, (largest ethnic group of Nagaland, India) and are worn on the back with the weight being carried mainly by the carriers head, using the headstrap. Image credit Rita Willaert.

Step stool for littles. Towels and basket make it charming. A sweet idea for half bath.

French baskets similar available @ Lily Pond Geelong from $155

wire baskets: add reinforcing wire at rim and handles