In 1952, Mary Cullen, a 25-year-old telephone operator with the Southern New England Telephone Company, received the “Voice With a Smile” award, given to operators for superior public service and demeanor. The award came with a distinctive white headset, which, she said, allowed her to stand out and made her feel very special.

Telephone Operators

telephone operators, 1950s

When we had party lines instead of Facebook, Information was FREE, and a Real Live person answered the Line.

Vintage telephone

Bell telephone

Telephone conversation: You're doing it right!

telephone operator

Telephone operator

Hands-free telephone

Telephone switchboard

Telephone operators between 1905 - 1945. To be a telephone operator, a woman had to be unmarried, between the ages of seventeen and twenty-six. She had to look prim and proper, and have arms long enough to reach the top of the tall telephone switchboard. Much like many other American businesses at the turn of the century, telephone companies unfairly discriminated against people from certain ethnic groups and races. African American and Jewish women were not allowed to become op...

Telephone Operator, ca 1911

the telephone line - I actually worked a switchboard like this.... Got myself shocked many times!!!!!!

vintage white rotary telephone

How to use a dial telephone.

Telephone operators in the 70s (with perspex dividers)

Dial telephone


Vintage Ad~ 1943 Bell TELEPHONE Operator ~ She Has 'The Voice With a Smile'

1950 Bell System telephone switchboard operators.