In 1952, Mary Cullen, a 25-year-old telephone operator with the Southern New England Telephone Company, received the “Voice With a Smile” award, given to operators for superior public service and demeanor. The award came with a distinctive white headset, which, she said, allowed her to stand out and made her feel very special.

When we had party lines instead of Facebook, Information was FREE, and a Real Live person answered the Line.

Vintage telephone

telephone operators, 1950s. You had to tell the operator the phone number you wanted to call.

Bell telephone

Telephone conversation: You're doing it right!

telephone operator

Telephone operator

Hands-free telephone

Telephone switchboard

vintage rotary telephone

telephone operators-- I did this for more than 30 years.

the telephone line - I actually worked a switchboard like this.... Got myself shocked many times!!!!!!

how to use a dial telephone

Telephone operators in the 70s (with perspex dividers)

Dial telephone


telephone operator When I was in second grade, this is what I wanted to grow up to be. I wanted to be Lilly Tomlin's character and wear the headset. One ringy dingy.

1950 Bell System telephone switchboard operators.

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