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Golden Crust Bakery / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Wine cellar has a living room built in with a clear glass wall and furniture to relax and entertain guests with during tasting parties.

So... it's a really, REALLY nice wine cellar. Is the chair so they can sit there by themselves and get sloshed? I'm game!

create wine display screen behind the hostess stand (enclose with glass on either side)

This design could be used in so many applications, done with so many materials. Cool.

Maybe I should just change my dining room area into a wine celler - I don't use it anyway, and this I would use!

This is a lovely room of Wine! Wine cellar... Oh my!! Glasses included!

i love brick floors w/ all my heart! probably not very practical though

Wine cellar in the basement. Definitely a must! As soon as I win the lottery ;)

I told Travis that if he ever builds me a house, I want a wine cellar.