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WHALE HUMOR: I have never wanted an iPhone until now . That is awesome. It's a whale . And a baby whale! How cute.

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its funny. but sad tht it says to like or a whale dies. causee i doubt thatss true. but the whales are funy haha" pre-poster A baby whale wil die. as if!

HA! I totally do this. Also when I am about to arrive at someone's house, or park.

Funny pictures about First thing I do when I'm lost. Oh, and cool pics about First thing I do when I'm lost. Also, First thing I do when I'm lost.

and then saying something cryptic before running off. "Don't touch the red door!" zoom.

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This was so funny!!!

18 'I Wasnt That Drunk! Sooo funny If this doesn't make you laugh you have no concept of humor.

fresh prince of bel-air

Emoji Story - Will Smith! Fresh prince of bel air theme song

I probably laughed too hard at this... But really why do people put that

that sheep/goat thing. i'm laughing so hard. i'm gonna pee my pants.

next time one of my girls friends have guy troubles, i will DEFF send this =) too funny

The best friend break up song :) Just in case anyone dares to dumo amy of MY bestfriends