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Keep Nighttime Noshing Under Control: As the moon rises, so can our tendency to grab less-than-nutritious snacks in out-of-control portions. Here are some strategies to help keep nighttime eating smart.

Are Your Goals Smart? Research shows that starting small may help you win big when it comes to weight loss. Here's what you need to know.

The clear skin diet: so true! when i drink more water, eat more foods with protein/fats and less sugars to fill me up -my skin gets better.

Redefine “Health”: Wellness is not just the absence of illness. Write down what the concept means to you, and bring that list out next time you get a case of the blahs. #DoBetter

Fast Food that Won't Tip the Scales: Even if you're stuck with fast food, there are some choices on the menu that can fit into your diet. Here's a guide to some smart options.

The Big Payoffs When You Lose Weight: Lost pounds can equate to more than a trimmer waistline. Find out how fewer pounds may mean better health.