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PLUMAS PLUMAS feathers crear una nebulosa de plumas en medio de una habitación,de colores neutros,o que envuelva la habitación de modo irregular,crear un iglú de plumas irregular,un interior acogedor y suave,esponjoso Polish Frizzle Bantam -- What a crazy looking chicken!

Pretty little Polish Champion

My Bella would look like this if I didn't have her groomed every month. Papillons are beautiful with their "mane" or a "puppy cut" (like my little girl)

papillion Had one of these. He was the best.

3 Papillions they are this cute!

Black Pomeranian. I love looking at pictures of dogs.

Pomeranian Dog Paint him black and he is my Barney

We love our black Pom, Jackie! Pomeranians are so snuggly and loving, the best companions ever!

Red and white pap- amyDrummond by marianmacleod, via Flickr Flickr

Papillion-Sable Pinned by pinner

Black snowy Pomeranian Pinned by pinner