They Went That-a-way

Kiotari, Pacific Harbor Seal pup rescued 5/1/10 @ Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, San Mateo. Separated from her mother shortly after birth. Treated for flipper trauma, umbilical infection & malnourishment. Released 7/24 @ Point Reyes after gaining > 10kg. Spot patterns on Pacific Harbor Seals are unique to a particular individual. Permission granted to copy, distribute and/or modify image ONLY if photo credited to Aaron J Cohen AND the Marine Mammal Center (MMC).

A baby harp seal lies beside a block of ice. by Norbert Rosing I love these little things! They are so cute!

Delightfully Manic

Hello there!

♂ Beautiful wildlife photography #birds so cute gentoo penguins on the sea lion island in the falklands. photo michael lohmann

Fatherly lion hugs! Even King of the Jungle has a moment to snuggle his baby! What a good daddy! please help the big cats!

Australian Koala.

sea of love

Three Little Otters

Oh hai, I'm a super cute baby sloth. #animals #sloths #awww

Hello. BAMBI !! ❤

Lion cub belly! So adorable. I can't do this with you right now adorable baby lion

sea turtle

Why, hello there..

Sea turtle!

Sea lion playing with a Sea Star

The cuteness factor: baby giraffe

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Love is love.