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Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing the Oman Suite, which includes a sapphire and diamond necklace, earrings, and bracelet. The crescent shaped diamond earrings were given to Diana by the Sultan of Oman during the couple’s visit to Oman in November 1986. In this photo, Diana is wearing the necklace and earrings at a formal banquet in Germany in November 1987.

April 11, 1983: Princess Diana at a State Reception at the Crest Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland.

February, 1992: The Princess of Wales attending a banquet given by the President of India, Ramaswamy Venkataraman, during an official visit to the country. She is wearing the Spencer family tiara and a gown by Catherine Walker

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Diana the musical - show based on the Princess planned for Broadway

Princess Diana

Princess Diana's Jewelry DOUBLE CLUSTER SAPPHIRE DROP EARRINGS. The top sapphire is surrounded by 10 diamonds and the bottom sapphire is surrounded by 11 diamonds. Note that the diamond outline of the bottom drop has a teardrop shape.

January 26, 1988: Princess Diana at the Bicentennial Celebrations at the Sydney Opera House on Australia Day. TOUR OF DUTY For the September 1988 cover, Princess Diana was photographed by Lee Brooks during that year’s royal tour of Australia. The cov...

Crown Princess Mary is wearing one of my favourite tiaras here. The Ruby Parure Tiara. This tiara belonged to Crown Prince Frederik’s grandmother, Queen Ingrid. The set has a necklace, earrings, brooch and a ring. (Source) It has a long and interesting history with the Danish Royal Family - You can read more about that here.

Gorgeous Queen Elizabeth in early 1960's. She's wearing Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik tiara, the Greville diamond earrings, King George VI diamond necklace, her wedding bracelet, and various orders.

Princess Diana wearing the Emir of Qatar earrings with a pearl choker, set with the sapphire brooch given to her by Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother. The Queen Mum had more gifts in store for Diana; for her wedding, she gave her new granddaughter-in-law a large oval sapphire and diamond brooch. In the early years of her marriage, Diana wore the piece as a brooch, but she quickly had it converted into the clasp of a seven-strand pearl choker. This was one of the large pieces of jewelry that…