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1920 "Woman's Home Companion." "For the out-of-doors days, Kodak. And not merely the alluring picture story, but on every negative at least a date; and a title, too, if you like. Titling is the work of but an instant with an Autographic Kodak; is as simple as making the picture itself—and there is no extra charge for Autographic film."

1920, unknown magazine. The Pocket Premo. Easy to Carry—Small as a purse. Easty to Load—Open the back and drop in a Premo Film Pack. Easy to Use—Snaps into focus when opened.

1922 "Saturday Evening Post" "Your story with your Kodak. When you 'click' the shutter yourself and the people and surroundings in front of the lens are of particular interest to you—your children, your home—"