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lovewithoutdissimulation:    AGH I love this! Thanks Claire!    ….another reminder that there is more than just Asana!

8 Limbs of Yoga Yama- Self restraints Niyama- How to behave in the world and with others Asana- movement within our temple Pranayama- Connection to our life force; our breath Pratyahara- mindful detachment Dharana- Studying the mind Dh

Chakras are subtle energy centers that influence health positively and negatively. Find out where they are and what to do to help yourself. Enjoy a complete chakra chart.

Very explanatory chart. I really think we, western people, tend to devalue the importance of balance. More specifically, the balancing of the chakras and the impact they have on the way we feel physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Since I started meditation around 3 months ago, I've felt so much better, in so many way! I didn't realise how sleep deprived I was, but what I love most about meditation is that its yours! your time to stop, your time to listen, your time to just let go of EVERYTHING and actually relax, i can honestly say I did not realise how stressed I was. from just 5 minutes  to even an hour of meditation can clear your head.

Eric De Barros fun simplistic guide to help you perform the Art of Harmony, Peace & Connect Sweetly with yourself - Meditation. Be the Mountain and Enjoy the View, love it

Alternate Nostril Breathing http://fionachilds.com/alternate-nostril-breathing.html

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Alternate Nostril Breathing Nadi Shodhana - Scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, increase focus and reduce cortisol


Benefits of Yoga SATURDAY, JUNE 2013 Infographic: What is Mindfulness Meditation? -We've all heard and read about the many health benefits of meditation, mindfulness and living in the moment.

This site is fit a free SEO tracker tool. This chart is inky one offset of it. Mudras are used during meditation and as a way to direct or channel energy flow…

Foods to Help Balance Your Chakras

Foods to Help Balance Your Chakras

Healing Food for your Chakras // chakras, chakra balancing, chakra healing, energy healing

~ 10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic] ~ #start_meditating #meditate #meditation #meditationinfographic

~ 10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic] ~ #start_meditating #meditate #meditation #meditationinfographic

Yoga for Beginners - If you’re new to yoga, start with these 10 basic asanas. Yoga is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing. For more details visit http://www.livebeingfit.com/our-approach-mindset/

Have you ever wondered why you cannot feel happy when you want to? It just seems that the more you are trying to experience happiness in your life, the more unhappiness you attract, right? The quote above might sound very confusing at first because it is.

The Mind Body Spirit program is a key component of our addiction treatment process. The program helps clients to explore the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Meditation has always been part of the program because of its healing effect, cultivating clarity and serenity in our clients.

Yoga-Get Your Sexiest Body Ever Without - infographie meditation - Get your sexiest body ever without,crunches,cardio,or ever setting foot in a gym

Is this Om written in what language?

Om ~ When intoned vibrates the skull and the bones of the face as it awakens the light of Anja, the third eye chakra.i find this to be pretty cool