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Number Ten Frames 0 to 20 - Polka Dots in Yellow

$2.00 I have expanded this set to 30!! I have also updated the font to primer print. Liven up learning numbers 0-30 with this polka dot set of numb...

Here's a set of "I have, who has?" cards for the numbers 0 to 20.

Here's a set of large size (8.5 x 11) ten frame cards from 0-20. This set has a blue polka dot border.

This is a set of I have who has cards for numbers 1-20 using number words, ten frames, dice, base ten, digits.

Here's a set of posters for numbers 0-20. Each poster includes the number, number name, and ten frame representation.

Here's a set of ten frame tools that includes ten frame posters, demonstration ten frames, personal ten frame sets for students, ten frame deck of cards, and a number of suggestions for using these materials.

Here's a set of Seuss-themed ten frames for a "Write the Room" activity on numbers 11-20.

Number Posters 20-30 with Ten-Frames