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My So-Called Life... yummy Jared leto!

...and here we see that fame can't fix being an ugly, crying brat.

kims ugly crying face..ohh and some hearts and rainbows

Who knew Kim Kardashian's ugly cry face could so accurately depict how I feel about returning to my job?

the claire dane "cry face" mask, via vulture. if halloween wasn't canceled here in nyc, that would have been my costume!

i was kinda sick of seeing the no hope, no cash, no jobs stuff on facebook, but the last one's funny. no one wants to go without bacon! ;) this one is actually funny! haha.

Omg I just got hit so hard by the nostalgia bus. I completely forgot about this! The one I used to have looked a little different but the concept was the same. The mid 90's to early 00's are flashing through my head now.