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  • Kate

    Pitcher plant How to Care for a Carnivorous Plant #stepbystep

  • CLAYTON Drummer

    I purchased one of these to help with the ant problem in my indoor growing space. Now, ants are few; they are in the pretty pitchers. Bravo! urban-agrarian

  • Shawna O'Neill

    There is a superstition insectivorous plants that some can trap large-sized animals, including even man, and digest them. But scientists have yet to discover such a type of plant. The known insectivorous plants eat only small insects, crustaceans...

  • Claire Gordon-Slater

    Carnivorous Pitcher Plant! Eats bugs that fall into it!

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Carnivore Death by seduction.. This is a carnivorous pitcher plant of the genus Nepenthes, which are found around south east asia and the indian ocean. Insects and others are lured to their death tempted by a good meal, only to become one. The pointy red bits are called 'teeth'. :)

wow. this is beautiful .. a pitcher plant; best idea is the bottle they are in! Very creative and practical for this plant!!

Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants...i want some of these for my garden some day. They're an interesting plant

Tropical Pitcher Plants ~ By Foto Martien

I purchased a small pot of Venus Flytraps for my daughter, put it on the kitchen windowsill in a saucer, fed it tap water and it lived for several years. It would catch fruit flies and house flies and seemed perfectly happy for a very long time.

I love pitcher plants. I've tried unsucessfully many times to raise them as houseplants.

Pitcher Plants: Sarracenia is a genus of carnivorous plants comprising 8 to 11 species of North American pitcher plants. The genus belongs to the family Sarraceniaceae, which also contain the closely allied genera Darlingtonia and Heliamphora. The plant's leaves have evolved into a funnel in order to trap insects, digesting their prey with proteases and other enzymes.

Carnivorous plant - I don't know the name, but I'd stay away from it if I were an insect!