old aprons


I want ~ Bottle Collection ~(pinner says) My Great Aunt use to have a glass shelf in her Kitchen window and she placed several colored bottles there. I had a elderly neighbor as a child that said the bottles you root things in should always be colored bottles, she believed the darker tints were more cohesive of an atmosphere to root in. I always root in antique colored glass bottles.

Lovely vintage aprons! So sweet! Was: apron contest for cookie exchange?

Put A Big Chill In The Kitchen | Decor Girl

Pink <3

love cute aprons

I love the style of this

1940's Full Front Vintage Apron Lovely Embroidery Teapot Dishes & Flowers Needs 2 buttons Free US shipping

aprons, aprons, aprons

Green kitchen

Vintage Kitchen Display How to Decorate a Kitchen Stylish & Practical Ways to Accessorize Your Space


pink vintage love:)

I love all of her red. Love the aprons and the basket. All of it.

red vintage kitchen

Vintage Aqua Pyrex Collection on display

Cooking Owl Day Apron (perhaps it would inspire me to cook more)


vintage aprons

50's cottage style...