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Rules of a Lady. (many still have issue over learning these things)

i love it thisis my 2th child but the only son i have and i love him to death and i always

Patience is really a secret gift to yourself. #TinyChunks

Finally learned this as I grew up.

When+I+tell+you+my+problems,+ it+doesn't+mean+that+I'm+complaining,+it+just+means+ I+trust+you+enough+to+confide+ in+you.

from The Business Bakery - Julia Bickerstaff

Find ONE thing and stop doing it

Here’s a simple tip which a wise old owl shared with me many years ago. It helps lighten the load. Fabulous if you are feeling a little bit ...

All girls are ridiculous at some point in time! Don't you get on your own nerves sometimes?! Lol! :)