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    Give the man a bonus point or....

    • ♥Designed4 Life♥

      Looking at this I realize I wasn't as smart as I thought I was in school...Geez, these kids are good! This is way to funny and the teachers response is priceless! Good one!

    • Lauren Long

      12 Hilarious Teacher's Replies (hilarious answers) - ODDEE Student's comment: "Give the man a bonus point or the stick figure gets it!!" Teacher's comment: " I don't negotiate with terrorists."

    • Stephany Bolaños

      Funny homework fails. Hilarious. Well we might see this kid in the comic section of the newspaper. You never know...

    • Johnna Coryell

      Teachers need to swing some points, cause if this was my student I'd give a +1 for at least giving some sort of effort :)

    • Emily Surrett

      Dont negotiate with terrorists! i think it is funny that the majority of people i know are teachers

    • Katie Hollibaugh (Clark)

      this teacher really sticks to their principles in regards to giving bonus points

    • Krystal Mills

      Just made me laugh! Teachers' Funniest Comments On Student Exams (PICTURES)

    • Stefani Esau

      I need to have better responses to students' answers, like this teacher...

    • Rebecca Hale

      Funny teacher (and student).

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