Sassy in Second: Common Core

I am so excited to share with you 190 pages of…My Common Core Standards Based Notebook for Grade! If you use portfolio based assessment then you w. FIND FIRST GRADE VERSION!

Print your own monogrammed binder cover! Pretty!

This would be a good Back 2 School project- monogrammed notebooks. Make your own. Just make a scrapbook page or print one like this pic off the computer and slide it in the clear pocket on the front! This could be my lesson plan binder cover!

The Art and Science of Teaching Posters and Rubrics – The Importance of Having Students Self Assess

Marzano is the guru of education and DATA! See how these posters and rubrics align with Marzano's thinking AND can help you and your students start tracking data easier. Note from Kerstin: Another way to use data-student self-ratings.

Interactive way to have students involved in their progress, I can see using it for letter, sound and number recognition too especially for kindergarten.

Bright Idea: Using Data Walls to Motivate Your Students-keeping track of not only individual student data but also class data. Love Creative Teaching Press's Dots on Turquoise border in her class!

Student Data Binder for Tracking Progress in the Classroom FREE from The Curriculum Corner | editable forms

Student Data Binder Printables

“I Can” Common Core    This is great! homeschooling just got a lot easier! This shows exactly what they need to know for all grades! its a check list for common core standards!

"I Can" Common Core Second Grade

“I Can” Common Core - This shows what they need to know for all grades in a kid/parent friendly format.

cover a cup with tissue and put a treat inside - could be a game or something

Thanksgiving Advent Calendars

I would try as countdown to school, birthday or an advent cal. Question of the Day Calendar.small paper cups, a backboard to hold them, and numbered pieces of tissue paper to cover them. Could do a writing prompt for each day.

If They Can Argue Well, They Can Write Well: Using Classroom Debate to Help Students Think Critically, Research a...

Classroom debate is used as the platform for critical thinking and writing in this helpful teachers resource Every student can become a great debater. The key concepts of argumentation, critical think

Common Core for parents

A free parent-friendly handout - 3 Key Ideas for Parents about the Common Core + 10 Strategies parents can do to support the Common Core at home by Jen Jones & Kate Duty Avery Iorio Curriculum night?

3rd Grade Thoughts: Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

Wish I had found this site sooner! Can't tell you how many times I needed a great quote!

72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

Wish I had found this site sooner! Can't tell you how many times I needed a great quote! This will be awesome for my quote of the week activity :)