Kitchen design. Fruit and produce under counter storage.

Ventilated drawers to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions) good for pantry.

Love this idea! Drawers under the sink instead of a cabinet! No more crawling under the sink to reach the stuff in the back, it pulls right out!

End of cabinet storage for keys, sunglasses, etc. Clever!

Cutting board drawer over trash drawer...Totally want this!!!!

Baking drawer... I would love this!

Produce baskets and drawers are a great ideas for the kitchen.

Remove fake drawer for paper towel holder. Good idea except wont the towels get wet from sink?

An Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

The Perfect Pantry

I definitely need this!! ikea shoe drawers

under sink drawer

Amazing kitchen storage

Not on the counter, not stuffed in a flat drawer. Genius!

Beer drawer under the wine fridge

Corner cupboard storage idea. I have the lazy susan in my corner cabinet, but I like this even better.

Would love to have this!

Built in bins for non-refrigerated produce.

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