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Vintage 1970s Clogs

Vintage Clogs - I tried to sneak into my house wearing these the first time I ever drank. Ddidn't think to take them off - duh!

clogs from the 70s

My first year in high school, leather with wooden bottoms and the fringe would curl when the leather got wet.

Yo Yo shoes...these were THE shoes to have in the late 70's!

Yo-Yo Shoes- Remember the Yo-Yo shoes in the that had the distinctive hole in the heel? I once had a teacher who was so overweight that when she walked down the aisle of the classroom, we would watch the holes in her Yo-Yo’s collapse with each step.

Donny and marie.I used to love watching Donny & Marie.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Donny and Marie Show - Every friday night. "I'm a little bit country - I'm a little bit rock and roll.

Dorothy Hamill's Wedge Haircut From the 1970s

Olympic figure skating champion, Dorothy Hamill, was famous for her wedge haircut.

1970s Mini Dress & Pinafore Pattern

1970s Vintage Mini Dress & Pinafore Pattern Simplicity 6162 Puff Sleeves Ruffles Bust 33 1/2 Young Junior Teen

I had the dress! My mother made it! Pattern ~ I bought this pattern and made the dress and pinafore that the girl in the picture is wearing in Home Ec. class in high school.and out of identical fabric. Talk about a memory!

TOPPER: 1970 Dawn Doll #Vintage #Toys

TOPPER: 1970 Dawn Doll Toys Still have it and some of her friends. I loved these when they came out. I had several of Dawn and her friends, clothes and the case. I enjoyed these dolls. I think this is the very first one I ever had.

The drink of astronauts! I LOVED this. It's also great for creating a pumpkin out of snow!

When I was in grade I wanted to be an astronaut. I was very impressed that the Mercury astronauts drank Tang and also took it into space, so Tang was my drink of choice for quite a while.

Toe socks!  All the rage!  Hurt your toes though when you had to cram them into shoes!

I still have a pair that I wear Super fun rainbow socks! Ever since seeing Whip It I've been trying to track down a cool pair of rainbow socks :)