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put a piece of line paper in a frame and with dry erase markers leave bed side love notes.... this is adorable

ps. . . i love you. -

Lined Paper + Picture Frame + Dry Erase Marker = Amazing Bedside Message Board Perfect for leaving your honey little love notes! minus whatever is on the top corner of the frame.

His birthday, her birthday, day they met, day engaged, day married. Five dates that made their lives

All of the dates that changed our lives forever! All of the dates that changed our lives forever! All of the dates that changed our lives forever!

I love you because ____: Leave line blank,  write with dry-erase so can change daily. 

So sweet!

FREE PRINTABLE: I Love You Because: ___________

"I you because ___" Leave line blank, frame, write the reason with a dry-erase marker on the glass, and you can change anytime. Cute to have in master bedroom/bathroom

anniversary/wedding gift

photo frame so you can put a picture in it for anniversaries. You can also get the 5 year anniversary, 10 year or 15 ear anniversary frame

Wow! This is great advice for married folks, male or female. Except #8 I think it can be healthy for children to realize marriage is hard, it takes work, and sometimes you are going to fight. Thats just life. There is no one in this world you can like all the time. We are human after all...... READ ME!!!!

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage. LOVED THIS! READ IT! This is good advice for any relationship not just a marriage. This was fun to read

valentines day gift?

DIY Valentine's Gifts for Husband

I Love You Because... photo frame

15 Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

i love you because.DIY with photo frame, cute printed "I love you because." And a dry erase marker. Sweet to have for a spouse or kiddos.

I'm going to put it up in the bathroom and tell him (and/or have him tell me) every day. Just need a whiteboard pen!

DIY -- Put it up in the bathroom and tell him or her or them every day. Just need a whiteboard pen! Cute idea for a valentine's day present

Was it your first kiss, the birth of a child or that moment you realized your world had changed forever. Give a gift of the stars to always remember that special night.  Create an 18" x 24" star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Printed on the finest Matte Art paper using archival ink. This piece of wall art will be treasured for many years to come.

Significant research experience essay md phd careers Careers in Medical Research. Section 8 of the AMCAS® application: Essays, the MD-PhD Essay and the Significant Research Experience Essay.

A note to your husband that wont fall apart. He can carry it in his wallet. I think I am going to do this for our anniversary.

Husband gift - better than a note! It won't fall apart! This is something he can carry in his wallet forever. Great small gift idea to give him at our rehearsal dinner. Would be cool to have wedding vows put on it!

This is the Anniversary JACKPOT!  Gift ideas, date ideas, and even quick notes or cards for almost EVERY anniversary milestone! www.TheDatingDivas.com #anniversary #giftideas #romanticgift

Anniversary Gifts By Year

This is the Anniversary JACKPOT! Gift ideas, date ideas, and even quick notes or cards for almost EVERY anniversary milestone. 10 yr anniversary coming in June!

How to Make Your Own Dry Erase Board with a Picture Frame | Create a Dry Erase Board for To Do Lists, Grocery Lists, and More with a Picture Frame and Scrapbook Paper

DIY Dry Erase Frames Using a Picture Frame

If you like lists, a dry erase board is a perfect place to make those lists. Make your own dry erase frames with picture frames and scrapbook paper.

paint + old bottles + corks + pictures..maybe add some flowers

Customize your special gift for Mother's day with GLAMULET PHOTO charms. compatible with Pandora bracelets.Painted Photo Bottles - fun, easy and inexpensive - great gifts for mother's day, teacher appreciation and graduations!

This is a cool idea for couples gifts in general, but could also be a fun wedding present idea from the wedding party to the bride and groom.

Tied together are 12 envelopes. Each envelope is labeled with a month of the year. Each envelope contains a pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date just for us. All 12 dates are different. At the beginning of each month, you open that envelope.